Berkley Springs’ Ice House Artist Co-op Book Event

Last week we attended a book event hosted in Berkeley Springs‘ beautiful Ice House Artist Co-op.  We had a great time meeting wonderful people & talented authors.  If you’re ever in the area, the co-op is a great place to stop by, especially after receiving a relaxing spa treatment available a couple of blocks away  :-)


Located in the heart of the historic town, the gallery provides a friendly atmosphere for talented artists to display their craft.  Here’a bit of info. pulled from their website:

The Ice House Artists’ Co-op Gallery was opened in April, 2000 in conjunction with the efforts of the Morgan Arts Council who owns the Ice House and is transforming into a responsive and creative arts center. The Artists’ Co-op relies on the volunteer support of its members, and the friendly help of the docents. The artists pay a monthly fee to staff the co-op. 20% of each sale is returned to the Morgan Arts Council for use of their gallery space.

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2015 Baltimore Book Festival

This past Saturday was our second Baltimore Book Festival.  Despite the ferocious winds, we had a great time making new friends and spending time with Fruityland supporters that came from many miles away! Thank you everyone who came out.  We LOVE YOU!


{The Real Alvaro from Fruityland! You can see the illustration of him in our banner}

{The Real Alvaro from Fruityland! You can see the illustration of him in our banner}


{Our enthusiastic little reader.  His favorite illustration was the Grape Queen one :) }

{Our enthusiastic little reader. His favorite illustration was the Grape Queen :)}


Balt Book Fest 2015 Table

{A part of our display encouraging readers that there are few gifts better than the gift of health}

Reading & Playing at Winchester’s Handley Library

Fruityland celebrated Family Literacy Day at Winchester’s Handley Library on April 18.  The historic building (built in 1913) is a gorgeous structure that provided us with the perfect setting for this important day.

Unique Handley

Staircase photo courtesy of Martin Prochnik. Handley Library illustration courtesy of Martha Woodroof from WMRA.

What made this day extra special was playing our in the works board game with two amazing little boys. Both four years old, they came at different times to play Frugivoro in Fruityland.  I got such a thrill out of their enthusiasm and excitement.  They even got most of the tough questions!  Our dream is to get kids excited about health and no matter how many reading events we go to, seeing a kid’s face light up and get excited about nutrition is what keeps us going.

Playing Frugivoro at Handley

A big thank you to Handley Library and all the children and parents!

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Cheers to Fruityland at Bluemont Vineyard

On Sunday, September 14th we were invited to Bluemont Vineyard to enjoy great literature, beautiful weather and delicious wine!

It was an absolutely perfect day – filled with laughter and even surprise visits from family and friends.  The best part was having my nephew pull out all the stops by dressing up as a bunch of grapes!!!  The kids (and adults) loved it!  Cheers to everyone who came out and made the day SO very special and unforgettable.

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