Love Centered Parenting

We couldn’t have picked a better title for this book.  It is full of love, encouragement and peace. Anyone who is considering getting pregnant, expecting or already a parent can find reassuring, sound, compassionate advice about getting back in tune with your inner wisdom.


Love Centered Parenting provides advice on nutrition to different birthing options that might not be part of traditional hospital outlets. Beautifully written, we love how the author shares her stories and experiences without pretense or judgment.

If you’re looking for an insightful book that can help you focus on what’s important while providing you priceless information and blocking the endless parenting white noise, this is the perfect book for you.     

Find the book here at

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Container Store’s All Glass Containers


YES!  These are such a delight to have in the kitchen!  Here are just a few reasons they’re listed as one of the products that we LOVE.

  • Bake and store in the same container
  • All glass makes it consumer safe & environmentally friendly
  • Easy to store and open (the seal works by the weight of the top itself)  In the freezer the ice seals it completely
  • Easy to see contents
  • Beautiful Vintage design
  • Microwave, dishwasher, freezer safe
  • Since it doesn’t seal completely, they’re the perfect containers for fruits and vegetables since the moisture doesn’t get trapped in, keeping them fresher for a longer period
  • Perfect for storing onion – the all glass makes it easy to clean and the odor doesn’t penetrate the container the way it does with plastic or half plastic containers
  • Easy to stack, store and organize
  • Pretty enough to serve with – nuts, sauces, hummus, etc and then just store away whatever is left over
  • Made in the USA

You can buy them here at the Container Store for HALF THE COST of Anchor Hocking’s version. I only managed to pack one with me to Morocco and I’m missing them so very much :(

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