Reading & Playing at Winchester’s Handley Library

Fruityland celebrated Family Literacy Day at Winchester’s Handley Library on April 18.  The historic building (built in 1913) is a gorgeous structure that provided us with the perfect setting for this important day.

Unique Handley

Staircase photo courtesy of Martin Prochnik. Handley Library illustration courtesy of Martha Woodroof from WMRA.

What made this day extra special was playing our in the works board game with two amazing little boys. Both four years old, they came at different times to play Frugivoro in Fruityland.  I got such a thrill out of their enthusiasm and excitement.  They even got most of the tough questions!  Our dream is to get kids excited about health and no matter how many reading events we go to, seeing a kid’s face light up and get excited about nutrition is what keeps us going.

Playing Frugivoro at Handley

A big thank you to Handley Library and all the children and parents!

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