Berkley Springs’ Ice House Artist Co-op Book Event

Last week we attended a book event hosted in Berkeley Springs‘ beautiful Ice House Artist Co-op.  We had a great time meeting wonderful people & talented authors.  If you’re ever in the area, the co-op is a great place to stop by, especially after receiving a relaxing spa treatment available a couple of blocks away  :-)


Located in the heart of the historic town, the gallery provides a friendly atmosphere for talented artists to display their craft.  Here’a bit of info. pulled from their website:

The Ice House Artists’ Co-op Gallery was opened in April, 2000 in conjunction with the efforts of the Morgan Arts Council who owns the Ice House and is transforming into a responsive and creative arts center. The Artists’ Co-op relies on the volunteer support of its members, and the friendly help of the docents. The artists pay a monthly fee to staff the co-op. 20% of each sale is returned to the Morgan Arts Council for use of their gallery space.

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