Fruityland is a children’s book series that weaves health education with fun fiction. Written by nutritionist, Nydia Kastre, and illustrated by her daughter, Veronica El-Showk, the series is designed to have the reader fall in love with healthy foods through positive associative learning. With so much marketing out there promoting junk foods, we wanted to create a colorful world that encourages learning about nutrition and developing a bond with healthy foods at an early age.  You can read more about Fruityland here.

We started this blog so that our readers can have a place to discover health and get involved with the Fruityland community. We’ve weeded through the research and science so that you can have a clear and better understanding (without having to do the scouring) of how to get the most nutrients into your child’s diet using fun, fool-proof ways.

Contact us with any thoughts, questions, comments or ideas.  We love hearing from our readers!  


Nydia Kastre, nutritionist and author of Fruityland’s children’s book series

About NydiaBefore starting Fruityland, Nydia Kastre worked in the field of diet and nutrition where she served as a wellness advisor, nutritionist, and technical dietician at multiple hospitals and clinics, including WIC, the Women, Infants, and Children’s Clinic. At George Washington University, she conducted programs for the Women’s Exercise Research Center and earned her degree in Health, Wellness and Fitness from George Mason University.

When she’s not working at home in the US, you can find her spending time with family overseas in Morocco, Italy and Colombia.

Veronica El-Showk, contributor and illustrator of Fruityland

Veronica El-ShowkVeronica learned how to paint from her mom, Nydia Kastre, when she was six years old.  Years later, they decided to embark on this exciting journey together in the hopes of making a change in something they both felt truly passionate about – health.  

She currently lives on a fruit and vegetable farm in Morocco with her husband, the real-life character that inspired ‘Mr. Campos’, his loving family, many many cats, 5 kittens and a German Shepherd named Shaybub.

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