Tuesday Tip: 124% of Vitamin C in a Single Serving

All you need is love daikon.  One 7 inch long daikon (consumed raw) will give you 124% of your vitamin C for the day.  The added toasted sesame seeds will boost the goodness to 37% calcium and 31% of your iron and folate daily requirement.

I used to ignore this wanna-be white carrot until I came across that percentage when I was researching vitamins.  Vitamin C is very sensitive to cooking so it’s best consumed raw.  It’s also a vitamin that depletes quickly so topping off is always a good idea especially with cold and flu season coming up.

Photo courtesy: burpee.com

A third of your folate, iron and calcium condensed in a single bowl isn’t the only good news though.  Did I mention it tastes DELICIOUS!?  I used a julienne peeler to get perfect slivers of these yummy crunchy bits.  If you don’t have a julienne peeler, the $10 is certainly worth every penny.  Especially for crunchy vegetables (cucumber, radish, carrots, etc.), being able to create uniform thin slices can really make a difference in saving time and getting the best results.

Julienne Peeler

Photo courtesy: ShapeMeUp & Culinary Pro

In a bowl, mix the following ingredients for a treat you and your children will love as a snack or served over any Asian-inspired dish you’re serving for dinner.  The raw garlic gives it that spicy kick to it and the earthy roasted flavor of the sesame seeds meld all of the flavors together in perfect unison.  I hope you enjoy it!

Asian Daikon Slaw

Deliriously Delicious Daikon Slaw (serves 1)
1 daikon (7″ long)
3 tbsp toasted sesame seeds
Cilantro, chopped
Apple cider vinegar
Dash of sea salt
Thin slivers of 1 raw garlic

****These nutrients are based on just the daikon and toasted sesame seeds since the other ingredients are optional and the amount varies depending on individual preferences.

Micronutrients: Vitamins
Vitamin C: 124% (All of that comes from the daikon alone!!)
Vitamin E: 0%
Vitamin K: 1%
Thiamin (vitamin B1): 20%
Riboflavin (vitamin B2): 8%
Niacin: 9%
Vitamin B6: 19%
Folate: 31%
Pantothenic Acid: 5%

Micronutrients: Minerals
Calcium: 37% (28% comes from the sesame seeds)
Iron: 31% (23% from the sesame seeds)
Magnesium: 39%
Phosphorus: 26%
Potassium: 26%
Zinc: 16%
Copper: 54%
Manganese: 41%
Selenium: 5%

Calories: 219
Fat: 13 g
Carbs: 21 g
Fiber: 9 g
Sugar: 8 g
Protein: 7 g (5 grams from the sesame seeds)

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