Our First Tuesday Tip of the Week!

Tuesday tips are weekly, bite-size tips that can help boost you and your family’s health.
We’ve been so busy with projects in the making, events and marketing that we’re going back to this blog that desperately needs some tending to!  We’re making some big changes actually but more on that later.  For now, let’s get to it because…

Pomegranates are in season  :D  and while some of you may or may not know this, I happen to live on a fruit and vegetable farm in Morocco, so it’s been quite the feast over here.  We’ve watched the fields of this ancient fruit change throughout the year.  The blossoms are an indescribable red-orange color and while you’re sad to see them go, the fruit they bare is such an exciting treat for everyone here on the farm.

Pomegranate blossoms
I normally enjoy the seeds with watercress and lemon juice or paired with eggplant but after doing some research and discovering the incredible health benefits of pomegranate, I started looking for more ways to incorporate these delicious, garnet-colored gems.

  • Pomegranate is considered to be THE most powerful anti-oxidant rich fruit of all fruits (woah.)
  • They help protect us from heart attacks, strokes, and have anti-cancer properties
  • They boost our immune system
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • They have also shown to speed up the removal of life-threatening artery plaque

Removing the seeds yourself can save money and increase the nutrient value of the pomegranate.  You can  check out how to do this here.  This recipe is a quick and easy way to get a lot of great nutrients packed into a little bowl of happiness.  I hope you enjoy it!

Pomegranate oatmeal

Yummy Pomegranate with Rolled Oats Recipe
1 whole pomegranate seeded
1/2 cup dry rolled oats (unfortified)
Add hot water to reach the consistency you like
Add 1 tbsp of ground flax seeds
Sprinkle 1 tsp of ground cinnamon


Micronutrients: Vitamins
Vitamin C: 48%
Vitamin E: 9%
Vitamin K: 60%
Thiamin (vitamin B1): 33%
Riboflavin (vitamin B2): 14%
Niacin: 8%
Vitamin B6: 13%
Folate: 32%
Pantothenic Acid: 17%

Micronutrients: Minerals
Calcium: 10% (3% comes from the cinnamon alone!)
Iron: 18%
Magnesium: 29%
Phosphorus: 31%
Zinc: 19%
Copper: 34%
Manganese: 122%
Selenium: 22%
Potassium: 25%

Calories: 431
Fat: 9 g
Carbs: 85 g
Fiber: 18 g
Sugar: 40 g
Protein: 12 g

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